ONZ incorporated as a society in August  2012.  It was created to better service the interests of ophthalmologists and their patients in New Zealand. Our activities are governed by our constitution.

Our constitution states our aims are:

  • To promote high quality, timely ophthalmic care for New Zealanders;
  • To represent the interests of ophthalmologists and their patients;
  • To advocate policies and practices in eye care that advance the health of all New Zealanders;
  • To improve the understanding of all New Zealanders as to their eye health needs;


We will do this through the following aspects:

  • Working with government, national and local, to raise issues and concerns
  • Working with health insurers to ensure ophthalmologists have a high profile
  • Providing members with education and resources to assist NZ ophthalmologists 
    on uniquely New Zealand commercial issues, and
  • Working with RANZCO to strengthen their campaign's and interests.


ONZ Strategic Plan 2020 - 2023 (click below image to download PDF)

3146 ONZ strategic plan2020 2023